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**This is a re-release that was originally published under Shaunessy Blu**

Prior to being released from prison Prodigy Le Savage is hit with devastating news! He must now walk out of those prison gates with his heart in his hands, the weight of the world on his shoulders, and vengeance running rampant through his veins. He is now privy to the knowledge of his best friend Izaak's jealously and deceit. How far did Izaak really go to take away everything that was his?

Izaak is now the plugin the city of Rockford and he is adamant about maintaining his position at the top in spite of Prodigy coming home. He is known as a hot head that is capable of crossing any line to get what he wants. When Asha ended their affair once she discovered Prodigy was granted an early release for good behavior he flew into a jealous rage.

Did that rage cause him to do the unspeakable? As secrets from the past begin to manifest they both are presented with a choice. Kill or be killed

Until The Death of Me

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