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The Writer's Blueprint

Not sure where to start but know you have a book inside of you that needs to get out? This eBook will give you a guide and walk you through step by step in establishing a writing foundation. With each page, it will alleviate more of the doubt and confusion that surrounds you being able to write your book. 


In this eBook, you will learn:


*Your "Why" behind writing your book and how it impacts your ability to publish your book.

*How to narrow down your book idea

*How to come up with your book chapters

*Includes a sample writing outline

*Setting and completing your writing goals

*How to create a solid writing plan

*7 Steps to stay motivated while writing

*A writing hack that will help you write a minimum of 1000 words within an hour

The Writing Blueprint

$27.00 Regular Price
$9.45Sale Price
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