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Up for a toxic page turner? You won't be disappointed with Persia and Kap. Have you ever loved someone that wasn't good for you, but couldn't let them go? Their love was an addiction that gripped your soul and refused to let you go. You followed it deeper down the rabbit hole until you found yourself wondering how you got there when you hit rock bottom. Persia has a story to share with you. Hope you have bond money. You're going to need it after reading this.

Persia Bell has been married to her college sweetheart for thirteen years. Like any marriage, they've endured their problems. Despite the volatile rollercoaster, she's adamant about keeping her family together by any means necessary. Her passion and resilience only land her in and out of jail in the name of love. A small price to pay to keep a bond.

Kapono Bell, the reformed drug dealer, turned successful business owner, is a hot commodity in Dallas. With more women than he could count, vying for his attention, he's dug a deeper hole than he ever imagined. When his wife unleashes hell on earth, he sees a side to her that feeds his narcissistic behavior.

Will Kap and Persia survive the next assault on their marriage? The enemy is harder to defeat when it's within. Who will be the last one standing in his poisonous love affair?

Love Me So Good I Know It's Wrong

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