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Have you felt so unlovable and out of sorts that when authentic love showed up, it appeared too good to be true?

Zora first felt rejection, danger, and pain from her mother at the tender age of five. Despite bouncing from foster home to foster home, she was always determined to get her footing even though she was never quite sure how. The last thing on her mind is love when she finally gets out of her toxic relationship with Sobray…until Rohan.

Rohan is the epitome of the black alpha male with an old-school Renaissance man vibe that any woman would be allured by. Being doted on by his mother and four older sisters has entwined an attentiveness every woman craves. His close relationship with his father has provided him with a firm foundation and integrity. He adores his close-knit family but he, as of late, has felt smothered. So much so that he’s reluctant to commit to a woman even though he’s ready to love. He longs for what his parents have but is he prepared to have yet another person invading his space?

How will Zora respond when Rohan starts to break through her walls? How will Rohan reciprocate if Zora is just another woman in his life trying to play him? They both want love, but can they get out of their own way to see it in each other?
Sometimes something unexpected can be just what you needed.

From Zora’s red notebook.

Love Where Are You?

No matter how fast or far I run, I can never catch you.
I’m consumed by the deepest oceans and left with blistered feet for searching for you in the hottest deserts.

Just when I think I’ve found you, somehow you slip from my grasp, and I’m left standing alone.


Jaded Expectations

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