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The finale that you’ve all been waiting for! Misharron coming back to Houston has set a chain of events into motion that none of them could anticipate. When it’s revealed to King how those around him have been keeping secrets, a rage is unleashed that they could’ve never imagined. Heartbroken and betrayed, he goes looking for accountability with his pistol in hand.

Misharron’s simple plan to pack up her grandmother’s house and renovate it into an Air BNB goes left when she receives a surprise from Louisiana. It seems Chez and Osheena are not the only ones who’ve been keeping secrets from King. Will she be cast into the same light as everyone else who’d betrayed him?

Osheena had finally arrived, but looks can be deceiving. She’s bitten off more than she can chew, securing the money for her multiple salons. With everything going on in her life, she dismisses what she owes to fight one more battle against Misharron. Everything comes with a price and the bill will always come due.

Chez has been waiting for this moment since high school. He’s done sparing King and his feelings. It’s time King found out who really ran things in their circle now, and it isn’t him anymore. Chez is coming for his respect and everything he snatched from King wet with blood.

Forever Mine II

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