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Family ties often can be entirely too strong, significantly when you’re raised in the mafia. Averly Grace, the “whatever you say, daddy,” princess of the Saccone empire, ran off with her fiancé, Grecia years ago, to live the life she wanted. This was her only attempt to find real love, and she was determined not to let her father tell her how to live her life until she found out that her father’s wishes were for her to marry someone else to save the family. She knows nothing about this man or what type of trouble her father has gotten himself into, but if she walks away, she’ll be disowned, and like most daddy’s girls, she’s not prepared to lose her father.

Lexington Charles, the Mamba Clan prince, is the son of a narcissist who will do anything, including selling his son’s hand to marry into Averly Grace’s family for status that he was duped out of long ago. Lexington has been living his own life, still overseeing the business, but if he doesn’t take Averly Grace’s hand, their empire could stagnate. Lexington’s father has looked down on him for so long for dating Chasity, a woman ignorant of the “life”. Still, Lexington will put his pride to the side for the Italian/African-American Averly Grace, who will hopefully bring absolute honor and esteem to his family’s name. This union could solidify his father in the unground world and grant access to some coveted connections.

The unsavory lifestyles aren’t the only thing these two families have in common. They’ve been harboring a secret that only the enemy of their families knows, which could forge an alliance or cause a war. Averly Grace and Lexington have no choice but to get married, but can they remain loyal to one another in the face of adversity when it comes to choosing between their family or the truth? The only way out for all parties seems to be death or dishonor, which can be the same in the Enslaved by a Mafia Boss Series.

Enslaved By A Mafia Boss I

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