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Meet Ezrah King. He's a first responder turned police officer. It was a courageous move being that his father hates cops. He grew up in the civil rights era and is disgusted by his son's choice.

Although his friend Ivy Mitchell keeps blasting her shot louder than the Glock she carries on her hip, he doesn't know how many ways he can say he's not interested. His ex, Alysia, crawled into his life like unsuspecting cancer. From day one she manipulated her way to get close to him. His already paranoid nature was intensified by her deceitful act. He wasn't interested in trying his hand at love until Capria Malone.

Capria Malone is just your around the way girl trying her hardest to get up out of Greenspoint so she can live the life she knows she deserves. Her only problem is that she can't shake Pierre—a toxic boyfriend of seven years that's like a noose around her neck. She understands the need to let him go but doesn't want to feel like she wasted seven years of her life for nothing. Hanging on to Pierre is causing her to bleed out.

Can Ezrah be just the first responder she needs to resuscitate her back to life? Will Ivy just let Ezrah pursue the love that he wants, or will she suit up in her riot gear and go to war for what she wants?

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