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Ready for More? Death Before Dishonor 2!!

Quenetta "Queen" West has been exceptional when it comes to adapting to her environment. She has used the pressure Marvelous has her under as a stepping stool to become a beast. She is quietly building her numbers with the Double Crowns to prepare for the worst when it comes to Marvelous. Queen knows something is up but can't put her finger on it quite yet. While keeping her eyes open and her ears to the streets to absorbs everything Marvelous is teaching her.

Marvelous is pouring a lot into Queen now that she works for him. The more time they spend working together the more he's realizing how amazing she is. He's been hurt and betrayed so much in the past that love was never in the cards. How could it be when he's known for being heartless? His intentions towards Queen are slowly changing but there's only one problem...Lucky.

Marvelous pulled Lucky out of the project where she was doing whatever it took to survive on the streets. She's not going back to that life for anyone! The only way Marvelous will find true love is over her dead body. As far as Lucky is concerned, no one will love her brother the way she does. Ever! She has to make sure she keeps him focused until she can put herself in position. If Marvelous is getting too soft the get the job done then she has no choice but to do what's in the best interest of the family.

It's a lot of betrayal in this circle and only the strong will survive.

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