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New Release: Death Before Dishonor gives sibling rivalry an entirely new meaning! Have you read it?

Quenetta "Queen" West is anything but you're typical seventeen year old living on the Southside of Chicago. She's a bonafide math prodigy on the fast track to the HBCU of her choice. Her and her best friend Germain have one goal-stay alive long enough to get out of the hood. They're plan is shattered when her brother, Ishaq's deadly hood beef spills over into their home. Will Queen be able to bounce back and claw her way out of Chicago? Maybe, had she not unknowingly crossed Marvelous "Pipe" Reynolds.

Marvelous is the plug on the Southside of Chicago with multiple lucrative businesses he launders money through. When news hits of his brother's death, Marvelous is pressured by the rest of his family to take action. His search puts Queen in his cross hairs, igniting a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

Who will end up in the trap of this deadly love affair with hidden motives?

Make you you click the link to read this banger today! And don't forget to leave me a review. I would love to hear what you think about these characters!

Download here:


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