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Your girl is now signed to K. Renee Publications. I was freaking out taking the leap but I made the right decision. I feel there's a lot I can learn from K. Renee and being accountable to publish these books is bringing out the best in me.

I was self-published for over five years and could've been further had I been more consistent. Readers love my books because it's not the same recycled storylines. My goal signed is to keep the same uniqueness that has made readers fall in love with me. I refuse to fall into the urban fiction wheel of just writing what sells. I want to write what I love as well. Under K. Renee I can do that. I'll still be publishing indie as well! I know, it's the best of both worlds. It is what helped me transition so easily. I still have control of my career and what I publish. I hope you guys continue to rock with me and tell more readers about this author by the name of Brickhouse!

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