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Have you read the Forever Mine Series?


Misharron Etienne is not your typical girl from the hood. Her dream of being an attorney keeps her head in the books, but that doesn’t keep tragedy from finding her. A friendly gathering amongst friends ends deadly, altering Misharron’s path. A toxic encounter at a police station with Bryshere “King” Gordon is not as random as they both think. A series of unfortunate events knit their souls together in a way they never saw coming. Will friendship be enough with King for her?

King’s the son of a retired plug who’s itching to get in the streets. Although he’s never stepped foot in the hood, he knows he has what it takes to fill his dad’s shoes, or so he thinks. At least, this was the plan until Misharron moved next door. Everything changed once she came into his life. The only thing standing between him and his happily ever after is his girlfriend, Osheena. Will he risk taking his friendship to the next level with Misharron or stick to the plan he made with Osheena?

Osheena. Osheena. Osheena. Everything that King thinks he found in her is built on lies, deceit, and vengeance. Instead of walking away with her pride intact, she’d rather hang on to what could be. How far will she go to be with King…forever?

“When unrequited love is the most expensive thing on the menu, sometimes you settle for the daily special.” ~ Miranda Kenneally

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