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Free Book!!! September 8-9th!!

Free book September 8-9th!

Whoever said, “One bad apple spoils the bunch” had the Yarbrough’s in mind. Clifford and Darcy Yarbrough are the founders of Lakewood Hospital Center. The only black-owned medical metroplex in the city of Houston, TX. Cliff is the only surgeon to specialize in kidney and heart repair allowing him to secure millions. Hospitals around the globe seek him out for some of the most arduous cases. He is fighting tooth and nail to maintain his perfect family image but his children's shenanigans make that impossible. He will do anything, and I do mean anything to keep his Hospital at the forefront. Darcy's gentle spirit can only keep him at bay for so long. Her health is failing and her kids have been too selfish to notice. Her husband's inability to find a way to heal her heart is making him desperate. Family secrets become deadly when these lies begin to cut deeper than any of them could imagine. Addiction, affairs, and murder are exposed when these wounds get exposed. Will this family be able to stop bleeding out and heal?

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