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Enslaved By A Mafia Boss Excerpt



“Averly Grace, you knew this day was coming. Now get prepared.”

My father ended the call when he often didn’t want to hear any rebuttals from me.

My stomach was tangled in knots and my heart was slowly sinking like quicksand.

I was starting to feel light-headed as I paced back and forth, clutching my stomach.

How am I supposed to tell Grecia what I have to do?

I went into the laundry room and pulled my cleaning supplies from the shelf.

I grew more irritated as I stormed through the house, looking for something to take my frustrations out on.

I hated that our cleaning service had beat me to the job.

I dropped the bucket by the bedroom door and went into our closet. I sat on the red velvet chaise and took a deep breath.

The only thing I could do was rearrange my closet. Nothing was out of order, just the way Grecia liked it.

He was plagued by obsessive-compulsive disorder. Certain things sent him into a rant if they were not a particular way.

As I arranged my clothes, by designer, then color, I scolded myself internally for not being able to tell my father no. I wish I were strong enough to fight back or stand up to him, but I couldn’t. It would ruin everything, not only for me but for my family.

Besides, if I were going to tell my father no, I would’ve done so already. I weighed every possible outcome, and none of them work out in my favor.

I’ve never felt so defeated in my life.

It took me about an hour to organize our closet. I decided to head downstairs.

I rubbed my hands across the black marble counters. Everything in our home was customized. The marble was flown in from Italy. The designer we selected was elated that he didn’t have a budget.

Grecia knew I came from money. He wanted to make sure I maintained my lifestyle and prove to my father that he could take care of me.

I pulled an already open bottle of red wine from the refrigerator and filled my glass. I grabbed the bottle and tucked it under my arm as I made my way to the couch.

I heard the lock click three times. I knew it was Grecia. He had to click the lock three times before entering our home.

Three was his number of completion. He would repeat this pattern in various situations. When he kissed me, it was three soft pecks before snaking his tongue down my throat. When opening the refrigerator, he would pull it open and shut it three times.

“Heeey baby,” he kissed me his systematic three times before showing me how much he missed me.

The smell of the roses was potent.

“These must be fresh,” I took a deep inhale before pulling them from his arms. “What are these for?”

Our relationship is complicated. Grecia is not mean, but he’s not your typical man that brings roses home after a long day of selling drugs.

I tried to determine if he was genuine or done something stupid he was trying to butter me up to receive.

“I missed you the past few days I’ve been out of town. Isn’t that enough?”

“I guess.”

“You know I had to go and check them cats out before I let them jump down in my organization.

He rambled on about his trip and how he believes the new addition would add tons of revenue from their area. He was as excited about the expansion.

Most of the city was run by my father and the other mob families, but Grecia still managed to make the small sector they didn’t dominate work to his advantage.

He was able to strike a deal with the Rufino family. The boss’ son Tonio proposed to me, but I declined his offer. He wasn’t my type and he was only doing it to get in our family.

I watched his lips move, but all I could think about was how our time together had been cut short. I didn’t want to spend what moments we have left arguing about something inevitable.

For now, I pushed it to the back of my mind.

Wrapping his arms around my neck, I pulled him close into my embrace.

“Thank you for coming back home to me,” my tongue dipped between the seams of his lips. “I love you with everything in me.”

“You know I will always come back to you, my Saving Grace,” he scooped me up so that my legs were wrapped around his waist.

When we first started dating, he substituted my first name of Averly with Saving. He said I gave him something to live for. He said I made him want to work towards getting out of the game and retire.

I thought he was taking me upstairs. Instead, he laid me on the steps.

“You are so beautiful,” his gaze devoured me just as passionately as his lips on my thigh.

I could feel myself melting, evaporating into the carpet in a puddle of desire and liquid lust.

Grecia showed me for a little over an hour how much he missed me the past few days.

“If you would’ve called me, I could’ve had dinner ready for you, baby.”

That’s because I want to cook for you for a change.

“You must’ve really missed me,” I laughed.

“Think I didn’t when I did!” He jerked his head back.

“No, baby, you know I love cooking for you. Let me pull myself out this sex juice.”

“You gotta cook naked, though,” he bit down on his bottom lip.

“Oh, it’s about to be one of those nights, huh?”

“Most definitely,” the three kisses were slower this time. More sensual than the ones before.

The real reason I didn’t want him to cook was that I was too nervous to eat. When I cooked, I rarely ate my cooking. Grecia knew this about me already.

While pulling the chicken breast out of the refrigerator, I hear Al Green’s Let’s Stay Together blaring from the speakers.

Grecia slid behind me as I rinsed the meat off with water and vinegar, “I love seeing you in the kitchen after I sexed you down. Make me feel like Jodie from Baby Boy. Did I put it down like that, bae?”

“You know you did, now move so I can get done with dinner,” I shove was non-existent against his barreled chest.

He starts grinding his hips behind me while his hands were wrapped tightly around my waist.

“What’s gotten into you?”

“I can’t just be missing you?”

“I guess.”

He was overly affectionate and nice, which is out of character for him. I wasn’t sure if I should be happy or scared.

If this nigga cheated on me, I swear to God I’m going to rip his balls off and put them in my Ninja blender.

“Lord, if this man is plotting to kill me, just say that,” I mumbled under my breath.

“What, baby?”

“Nothing, love.”

Grecia is a big-time drug dealer. He was never taught how to love a woman. What he knows is what I’ve managed to teach him over the two years of us being together.

He can be hard sometimes because that’s the only way he knows to be. We both had money when we got together.

I’m the daughter of Neri Saccone, the Boss of Bosses. Back in the day, my grandfather was a part of the Dixie Mafia. They had one rule, “Thou shalt not snitch to the cops.”

Once he settled in Texas, he put down roots in Houston. Slowly, he recruited other Italian families. A total of four made up the community: the Saccone’s, Berlusconi’s, Brambilla’s, and Ferrari’s. My father was the boss of the bosses.

My father was adamant about me not dating anyone outside of the connection. I eventually got tired of him trying to control me and decided to go rogue. He didn’t think Grecia and I would last thing long. Nobody did, not even me.

I’ve never allowed myself to fall in love with Grecia, but I do love him, if that makes sense. I always knew this day would come.

The day I would be called upon to abandoned what I wanted and do what my father required.

What makes the drug game and the mafia game different is the family bond. Family is everything in the mafia. You never go against family no matter what.

Because of that, I’ve kept Grecia at somewhat of a distance.

I’ve also never been fond of his temper. Sometimes he puts his hands on me. The look in his eyes is only what I can describe as demonic.

It’s my mother’s fault I’m such a push-over. Her name was Elenor. She was always so sweet and kind. It didn’t matter how much of a monster the person was. She continuously operated in a love I’ve never witnessed before or after her.

She was like the Princess Diana of the mafia families. She held everything together in times of chaos with her kind words, exceptionally problem-solving, and easy disposition. The love she had for me and my father was unshakeable.

When she was murdered it changed my father forever. I literally witnessed the life drain from his body when he received the news. We still have no idea who killed her. Who would be so bold as to lay a finger of the wife of Neri Saccone?

It’s the reason I hold on to my good nature. I pray that it will one day spark him back to life. When I look into his eyes I wish he could see a part of my mother is still here with him. I wish that he would come back to life for me.

I refuse to give up on him because I know my mother wouldn’t. I have to believe that the monster I’ve survived is only a shell around the papa I once adored.

My father treats me like property because he bankrolls every thing in my life. Grecia takes amazing care of me but my father refuses to be outdone.

I also would rather be indebted to my daddy than I would a man.

He has funded more failed business attempts than I can count. First, it was a clothing boutique and then it was hair.

I quickly found out that my attitude was not built appropriately to deal with black folks and their hair.

It just wasn’t worth the headache. I wanted something to show for my life but I was still trying to find my niche.

For now the only thing I seemed to excel at was conducting meetings, handling my father’s business, and doing whatever he tells me to do.

I’ve never had time for hobbies so I’m not sure what I liked. Everything in my life was purposed planned for me.

Dating Grecia started out as a form of rebellion. I felt like I had no control over my life. In desperation I grabbed hold of Grecia and it stuck longer than I thought it would. Apparently, longer than my father thought it would either.

My father kept me in private school and sent me to a small college to further my education.

That’s how I met Grecia. I pulled up to the pump next to him and I noticed how rough around the edges he was.

His cinnamon skin was smooth and his face hard like stone. His face looked as if the scowl was engraved into his features.

“What you staring at?”

I remember like yesterday him barking this question at me.

I jumped and quickly lowered my head as I pumped my gas.

“I’m just messing with you. I’m Grecia,” he extended his hand.

I hesitantly shook his hand. I was more afraid of him going off on me more so I figured it would be best to comply.

“I’m Averly Grace,” I replied barely above a whisper.

That aggressive intro turned into a full-blown relationship.

Three months in I decided to let him take my virginity. He’s the only man I’ve ever been with but the things he does to my body makes me shutter when I think about it.

Grecia is as hood as they come down to the AK being hidden under the back seats of our cars and under the hood.

He’s never home which was why I wasn’t expecting him back so soon tonight.

The only silver lining that gave me peace is that he’s not a cheater. I’ve never dealt with infidelity with him.

I’m not sure if it’s because he has integrity or he knows my father will kill him.

Grecia is heavy in the streets but not as heavy as my daddy. Grecia is a small business but my father is a corporation. His reach in the streets in longer and his money is longer. That combination allows him to get anybody touched.

Grecia loved the streets. The streets raised him, fed him, and made him a savage.

He wasn’t going to let me or anyone else replace his first love.

It’s the reason I believe despite him proposing three years ago that we still didn’t have a date set.

I wasn’t in love with but I loved him enough to look towards a future with him. It was his fault that everything was about to go left.

The more I thought about it the more pissed I became.

“Why are you staring at me?” Grecia asked between breaths of scarfing down his food.

“I haven’t seen you in days babe,” I ran my hands across his waves.

They were so deep they would make you queasy if you stared at them to long.

“You better put something on your stomach because we going for round two after this.”


I studied every feature of him trying to brand it into my memory. I’m going to miss him so much.

“That’s a promise.”

The pressure between my legs grew just thinking of the sweet love we were about to make.

Once we both were cleaned up after dinner Grecia came through on his promise.

I kissed him on the forehead before collapsing next to him.

“Did I do something wrong baby?”

Grecia was still winded from giving me the ride of my life.

“No love, I’m just not feeling well.”

“You know I can tell when something is off between us Grace. Talk to me.”

“I’m just feeling sick. I think it’s the wine. I over did it tonight.”

“I know what can help you feel better,” a devious grin covered his face.

He reached out and bracketed my waist, rubbing the arc of my hip bones with his thumbs.

“Just relax,” he lowered his head.

My body sank instantly into the bed; the soft stroke of his tongue enfolded me.

Grecia had a way of pushing every care out of my mind.

* * *

“You not about to disrespect me in my house!”

Grecia’s yelling jolted me from my peaceful sleep.

“You ain’t seen disrespect yet!” I heard my daddy’s calm yet deadly voice.

“Oh, God!” I whimpered.

I quickly scrambled out of the bed and grabbed my red satin robe from the floor and booked it downstairs.

I knew whatever was happening was already in full effect and there was nothing I could do to stop it.


He locked eyes with me and sheathed his blade in the scabbard of his belt.

A fine sheen of sweat shimmered on Grecia’s upper lip.

Both of their shirts were decorated in blood and wrinkles.

“Daddy what are you doing here?”

“Averly Grace Saccone when I said I would be here at ten in the morning sharp, that’s exactly what I meant,” his jaws flexed as he spoke.

I cut my eyes to the wall clock in the living room and it read nine fifty.

“You’re early.”

“In any event you nowhere near being ready.”

“You don’t have to go nowhere with him! I knew something was going on with you last night and you sat there and lied in my face Grace! We don’t lie to each other! Ever! That’s the rule!”

“If I don’t things are going to go sideways Grecia. I can’t allow that to happen.”

“Yeah, you’re right. If you leave with him things are going to go left really quick! The rest of Houston may be scared of him but I’m not!”

My father pulled his Nina out this time.

“Daddy, please!”

“Nigga we can pistol play if you want,” Grecia upped his gun as well.

Tears poured from my eyes. I hated that I didn’t have time to prepare Grecia for what was about to happen.

I was going to get up early and explain things to him but he wore me out last night.

I can’t let him or my dad get hurt. What my dad had going on was bigger than trying to hold on to a relationship to a man who in three years still has yet to make me his wife.

“I have to do this. I have to go through with this wedding. It’s the only way to secure the alliance. If I don’t it’s going to be a blood bath in the streets. If you think that doesn’t effect you too then you’re crazy!”

“Baby, you don’t have to do this. Stop letting this man use you as a pawn. You don’t owe him nothing. You are not your mother; you don’t have to sacrifice your life for him!”


“Arrgghhh,” Grecia screamed as the gun fell from his hand.


“It just grazed him. He’ll be alright. Don’t ever speak on my dead wife again! You find a different way to prove your point.”

“Grace if you leave with him you’ll be sorry.”

“Is that a threat?” My dad pulled his gun back out.

“That’s a promise! I ain’t never been scared of you and I’m not about to start today. That’s why she loves me. I make her feel safe in a way you never could!”

My dad just smiled at him.

“Averly Grace you can leave your things. You don’t need anything you have here.”

“Daddy, you need to give me some space! I said I would do it! Some things aren’t replaceable,” my gaze fell on Grecia who was nurturing his wound.


“Daddy if you don’t give me this I will make this entire transition hell for you. I will make it messy and embarrassing to the point no one would want such a wife by their side.”

He squinted his eyes in anger but he knew I could be a handful so he through up his hands and walked towards the door.

“You have two hours,” he tossed over his shoulder before leaving.

“Let me help you,” I kneeled down to help him.

“Get off me!”

My head hit the floor when he pushed me off him.

“Have you lost your mind?”

“Have I lost my mind? You about to walk out of here and marry some random nigga and you asking me am I out of my mind?”

Grecia kneeled over me with his hands tightly wrapped around my neck.

I tried to pull his hands from my throat but he was too strong.

“Gre-Gre,” I choked out.

Just as I was about to lose consciousness he let my neck go.

“You know how much I love you,” his voice was as soft as a feather, yet cold as a hungry tomb.

“If you wanted forever you would’ve married me by now. It’s been three years. The streets come first and you weren’t allowing anyone to replace her. I’ve been waiting years to buy my gown, plan our wedding, and spend the rest of my life loving you.”

“You never wanted to marry me Averly! You don’t think I could feel you holding back with me? I never pressed it because I felt like you would come around once you realized I wasn’t trying to play with your heart. I was in these streets trying to make sure I could give you the life your father swore I couldn’t.”

“That’s not completely true Grecia. You can’t use maintaining a life you had before me was the reason you ran the streets. I was always on the back burner waiting for you to see me. I was always waiting for you to love me properly. When the streets called you ran. You gave no thought about what you were reinforcing in my heart.”

“And what was that?”

“That I only existed when you needed me.”

“I guess we both been holding in how we really feel about one another. I guess it’s not your fault you’re a pushover.”

I’ve been told this most of my life. I just wasn’t a fan of confrontation. For some reason Grecia’s words rang out louder than they ever have.

“I’m not going to allow you to make me feel like this! You had your chance to make me yours forever and you chose not to.”

“It’s whatever at this point Averly.”

“I’m leaving now because I want to. This conversation has illuminated a level of clarity I’ve been avoiding in this relationship. This argument and conversation just prove that this will never work. I was always in this more than you were. You can’t stand my father because you’re so much like him. You both just treat me like a piece of property to be utilized at your disposal. I’m not as much of a pushover as you think Grecia.”

“Since we’re being honest, I’m glad you’re leaving. Being with you was like being in a cage. Constantly having to water down my savage because you act like you couldn’t take it. Having to come out the streets to be home with you acting like something I’m not was killing me slowly. A nigga low-key felt like he was on death row.”

“Finally…the truth.”

I didn’t let it show on my face how hurt I was. My heart crumbled into what felt like tiny shards of glass that cut me every time I took a breath.

I walked over the downstairs closet near the front door and grabbed the bag I packed a few days ago while Grecia was out of town.

I put my bags into the car and drove off. I put Grecia in my rearview and promised never to look back again.

I guess it was a blessing he conditioned me for the fake love because shortly it will be my new normal.

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