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Coming October 19th! The finale of Death Before Dishonor

“To me, the thing that is worse than death is betrayal. You see, I could conceive death, but I could not conceive betrayal.” ~ Malcolm X

Queen finds herself under Marvelous’ thumb due to another fiasco her brother Ishaq has created. With every daunting task, her disdain for her brother intensifies. Marvelous’ frivolous task reaffirms Queen’s gut instinct to build her Double Crown membership. She knows it will only be so long before she has to go to war against Marvelous. At least that’s what she thinks initially. However, she soon realizes although you may be forced to be around a person, you can’t help but get to know them intimately. She learns about the sides of Marvelous that changes her perception of the arrogant, aggressive thug. Will it be enough to override that nagging feeling that she truly can’t trust him?

Marvelous is focused on revenging his brother. As soon as Queen has served her purpose, he will be waiting to give her exactly what she deserves. But, unfortunately, his sister Lucky is not happy that he’s deemed away from the plan they agreed upon to bring their brother’s killer to street justice. When Marvelous puts boundaries in place, Lucky assumes his loyalty has changed. She then puts her own plans into action. But, will their bond turns deadly when she violates Marvelous in a way he never imagined?

Lucky is a self-proclaimed spoiled brat. When she overreacts to a fallout between her and Marvelous, she puts into action a chain of events that brings changes the lives of everyone involved. Her deep-seated resentment for her brother is put on full display. Will Marvelous finally realize who his sister really is? And when if he does, is he ready to cut Lucky off for good?

A lot of blood will be spilled in the name of love and loyalty. Whose will it be?

Read part one here:

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