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A Chocolate Wonderland- Christmas Novella

Paige Wilson is the hottest wedding planner in Houston. Her ability to put her stamp on creativity for some of the most exclusive clients in the game has yielded her a luxury lifestyle. She and her man O'Shea Davenport are the epitome of relationship goals with both of their homes being owned, matching G-Wagons and savings accounts that extend beyond a rainy day.

Paige thinks this year's anniversary will finally come with a proposal until O'Shea receives a mysterious "work" call that unexpectantly takes him out of town the week of their anniversary. When O'Shea tries to put her on ice Paige responds with ending their relationship.

Nothing says you're over him like allowing your best friend to take you to a resort called Chocolate Wonderland, right?

Will the reserved Paige truly allow her inhibitions to be cast into the wind for a few days while she enjoys the company of Mr. Remington?

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