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About Author Brickhouse

Every encounter is an experience...

Author Brickhouse, born and raised in the hot and charismatic Houston, Texas, has always had a way with words that captivates those who dare to pick up one of her books. She’s been writing since the tender age of five. Her imagination has grown even more through life experiences and those she comes in contact with.

Her writing career began when she published her non-fiction testimony under another pen name. That act of obedience catapulted her into multiple genres over the years. Formerly known as Author Shaunessy Blu, she rebranded and relaunched under her current pen name Brickhouse. Same flare, personality, and drama with a more evolved vision for her writing career. She has always been an indie writer, so she learned many hard but rewarding lessons along the way.

She takes pride in creating relatable characters that will have you angry, laughing, crying, or all of the above. There’s never a dull moment between the pages of a Brickhouse book! Just ask her Facebook group The Brick House! They get all the deets before the rest of the world. They are constantly wondering when the next book is dropping!

Author Brickhouse writes only what she can feel. So, come on a journey that is guaranteed to have you in your feelings.

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